Welcome to our one stop shop for purchasing Dark Matter Ultra, Prestige Master, and Dark Aether! All services are hosted on Call of Duty: Cold War Zombies & Multiplayer Custom games.

Feature 01


Prestige Master

Transfers to Modern Warfare, Cold War, Warzone & Vanguard! Prestige Master is equivalent to 200 player levels!

Feature 02


Instant Zombie Dark Aether

Zombie Dark Aether instantly hard unlocked for all weapons including DLC's. Plague Diamond & Gold Viper are also included!

Feature 03


Dark Matter Ultra

Soft unlocked Dark Matter Ultra! This camo will only work for Cold War & will be saved as blue prints!

Full Package

What you receive
  • Prestige Master
  • Zombie Dark Aether
  • Dark Matter Ultra
  • + Extras

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